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A new bedding solution for a very good night *

Yippee! Hop hop hop! Hmmm. Zzzzz.
  • In the ibis family, we don’t fool around with bedding. To us, a good night’s sleep is happy sleep.

  • Our researchers and sleep specialists have created all-new and very, very comfortable bedding.

  • So stretch out or bounce around, roll around, or have a pillow fight! But most of all, have a very, very, very good night.

Modern, comfortable, design, innovative

Our sleep research specialists
haven’t actually slept a lot in the past few months… Because they were busy creating:

  • - A supremely flexible bed base for you
  • - A fabulously fabulous mattress
  • - A tip-top topper* (a what?). The top of the top mattress pads
  • - A large and luxurious duvet
  • - Big, beautiful pillows
In fact, they were very busy jumping on beds ;-)

ibis research innovates !

Top of page Individually, they’re just details. But together, they are the perfect symbiosis and a guarantee of happy sleep.
  • The essential accessories

    The duvet and large pillows.

    Thanks to its combed fibres, the new ibis Styles duvet wraps you in silky softness. The inviting new micro-fibre pillows softly support your neck.

  • The top-of-the-line topper

    The tip-top topper.

    Used as a mattress cover, the ibis Styles Topper is actually as effective as a mattress for even more inviting feelings of comfort and unrivalled support.

  • The marvellous mattress

    Soft and high level of technology

    Inside, the high-resilience, multi-zone foam recovers its original form night after night. Outside, the latest generation, aerated 3D textile cover offers a soft feel and impeccable hygiene.

  • The sublime bed base

    The bed base with articulated Flex slats.

    Designed to withstand a 500 kg load, it offers exceptional resilience. The aerated 3D textile cover ensures maximum breathe-ability.

*Deployment in process on the new bedding solution, available in hotels identified thanks to on the hotel factsheets.

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